Surfs up Chicago

By: Jesse 

Hurricane Sandy means Chicagoans get to surf. I'm posted up in the library, monday afternoon when my friend calls excitedly asking if I'll accompany her to go 'surfing', yes, surfing (in the greater Chicago-land area no less). My immediate response? I'm down, i'm not surfing but i'll play photographer!

It was settled, before I knew it we were on our way up to the north side in search of 20 foot waves. The best part of this little adventure was getting to witness one of my best friends do something she loves so much. Something that has helped her become who she is today at the young 'ol age of 22.

You would never guess it was 40 degrees, and end of october by this picture. 
 Walking out
Paddling out  

The sweet little boat house right on the beach we were at 

Sadly I didn't actually get any of her up and surfing, blame the old Russian man who was very interested in what was happening.....


current jams

by: Jesse

YOU GUYS I have been so off my music game the last few months It's becoming semi problematic. Mostly because i find these bomb 'new' jams and later realize they're 1,2, some times THREE years old. Dang, embarrassing  Anyway heres a few of the videos from songs i've been playing non stop. Take a listen they're GREEEEat!

MSTRKRFT ft. john legend - heartbreaker

Flight Facilities ft. Giselle - Crave you

Goodwill & Hook N Sling - Take you higher

any jams you've been listening to lately and can't stop? I'd love to know. 



By: Jesse Gaver

WTF is monarch daily? Besides that really annoying thing i've been forcefully plugging to all my friends and family..... WELL MONARCH DAILY is a really really exciting art outlet brought to you by infamous celebrity photographer Tyler Shields. (Perhaps you know him from E!'s reality star Francesca Eastwood)

Let me tell you whats good with MD, 1st i'm co-running social media, pinterest, facebook, twitter, etc. with my fellow intern homies Rachel & Alix. BUT back to MD: Its an art destination, dedicated to discovering, celebrating, and encouraging creativity in all of it's forms- brought to you by Tyler Shields.

Anyway, It's a serious deal and we're about to launch within the next week. (THATS WHAT WE'RE AIMING AT) MD is here to showcase artists who are well known, established, household names, as well as aspiring, poor ass, up and coming artists. Our goal is to bring you the coolest, best, most interesting photographers as of now. IF you're a photographer, artist, sculpture, painter, designer, videographer, go ahead and submit your work at www.monarchdaily.com

until next time. (ps like all the graphics I made)


Peace & Yoga: Day 1

by: Jesse

In an attempt to become less anxious and more 'peaceful' during this psychotic transition point in my life I started a 30-day yoga challenge. I can't quite remember where, but I read an article a few months back about a journalist who embarked on this challenge promising to do at least 1 hour of yoga a day, and the concept stuck with me.

Instead of 1- 60 minute session I've decided to do a Tara Stiles yoga video 1st thing when I awake and last thing before I go to sleep. Her videos have helped tons of people find their inner 'Yogi'.  I've always used her videos for at home yoga but this time i'm making it a priority to commit to two mini yoga sessions a day.  Today was my first day and I started out with this video:

I also just ended my day with this video: 

I initially started with Pilates but then eventually found myself doing yoga to help with flexibility and anxiety, plus its a great mini workout. Has anyone else ever practiced yoga to help with nerves, etc? What are some other things you've done to help with anxiety I'd love to know. 


The Past Month

by: Jesse

After uploading pictures from my camera I realized i've been a bunch of places these last two months. Vegas, Seven Falls in Tucson, Dallas, and Iowa City. Here are a few photos from my travels. 


What you do today....

by: Jesse 

So, I made this little guy the other day. Thought I'd pass it along as a little daily inspiration. Happy Monday. (The job hunt continues......)