Clutter my dash

By: Jesse

Returning from Coachella seriously put me in a funk, its Thursday and I'm finally feeling back to normal again. Below are some things that have been taking up space on my dashboard. Some daily inspiration if you will.

my newest motto to get me through these next few months:


Coachella. ella. ella. ehhh ehhh ehh (umbrella anyone)

by; jesse gaver

With just a mear 24 hours looming until my departure for Coachella weekend 2 I can't seem to focus on anything but the three days of full fledged debauchery i'm about to take part in.  

 The last rave I went to in Belgium, Sensation White we got these gloves. So I had to bring them. despite the predicted above 100 degree weather I'm sure they'll come in hand. 
See you soon Coachella ferris wheel 

Today consists of 1. narrowing down outfits, 2. picking up last minute camping goods, (including ear plugs and batteries) 3. class, school work, presentations, make up quizes, and laundry. 

Any Coachella weekend 1 goers recommend or suggest anything we might need that you forgot? 



For those of you who don't know, I'm a style guru and I write and snap street style photos around the University of Arizona Campus for CollegeFashionista. 

Heres a sneak at my newest advice, check out the full report here. 



Quick shots from over the weekend....

 weekend started with making amazing homemade reeses peanutbutter eggs. Recipe here
 We went for Hibachi to celebrate Pulino's 22nd. 
 I went on a walk and took home some sweet wild flowers.
 me and e.
 Molly came for a weekend visit.
Easter sunday dinner with the boys consisted of homemade Lasagna (it was delicious) 

I hope everyone had a great weekend! :) 


Over the weekend.....

Over the weekend Elliot took me to the Tucson Botanical Gardens.  I'd been wanting to go for quite some time I love flowers and Tucson has slim to no greenery. Sunday offered us the best opportunity to go, the weather was perfect.  There weren't nearly as many flowers as we had expected but it was still pretty awesome to go in the butterfly exhibit (i've never been to one).  
The greenhouse where they kept the butterflies as well...

This moth was the size of Elliots Hand. 

Butterflies stuck to the window in hopes of escaping