Coachella. ella. ella. ehhh ehhh ehh (umbrella anyone)

by; jesse gaver

With just a mear 24 hours looming until my departure for Coachella weekend 2 I can't seem to focus on anything but the three days of full fledged debauchery i'm about to take part in.  

 The last rave I went to in Belgium, Sensation White we got these gloves. So I had to bring them. despite the predicted above 100 degree weather I'm sure they'll come in hand. 
See you soon Coachella ferris wheel 

Today consists of 1. narrowing down outfits, 2. picking up last minute camping goods, (including ear plugs and batteries) 3. class, school work, presentations, make up quizes, and laundry. 

Any Coachella weekend 1 goers recommend or suggest anything we might need that you forgot?