Spring Break Wrap Up

We started our drive to Mission Beach around 7am.....

Got into the house around 4, heres the best group shot of everyone including shannon and adkins.

The views on either side of the house were amazing. 

Our three story, double balcony, Yarmouth dr. party Castle

Since I've never stepped foot in the Pacific Ocean TK and Gabby accompanied me, a fitting combo since they both spend time in mission every summer with their families. 

my apparent overt excitement to see the ocean displayed prominently by my facial expression here:

 We spent a gloomy overcast day at the San Diego Zoo
(my camera battery conveniently died but Elliot did manage a group shot and a few monkey pics)


This is a little game we like to call 'Getting Iced' 

Then Skoog took us on a little drive to the best pancake house ever, and drove us through beautiful Encinitas where we stopped off at a famous surf spot called Swamis. 

Skoog then he taught me to 'pop' the sea weed.  It was freakishly fun, and rather entertaining.

 The way I see it: 

Did I mention how fun it was to have skoog along for the whole week? We all were in heaven!

Then it was back to the house for more day drinking and group photos, this one is awesome of TK thus I had to share. 

The Boys: Greg, Elliot, Drew, Jon, Skoog, TK, Alec and Jeff!

                                                   The Girls: Emily, Me, Nugget, & Gabby

and basically a sum of what was a whole week of awesomeness in the picture below:



D.I.Y: Polka Dots featuring Elliot.

I found this sweet Idea on Tumblr, Elliot executed it flawlessly.

what you need:
1. Wine cork
2. Shirt
3. bowl o' Clorox Bleach

Pour clorox bleach in a little bowl dip the cork each time and polka dot as you please. Enjoy your homemade shirt.




In conjunction with my over excitement for Coachella this year, Miike Snow one of my favorite bands of all time A swedish made electro band with unbelievable uniqueness and spunk has finally released their sophomore album "Happy To You" (well technically tomorrow 3/27) and I can't stop listening. I suggest listening, downloading, purchasing and waiting for your world to be rocked sideways. 

Enjoy getting your ears rocked off. 


I've been away, but now i'm back to stay! with a good little DIY

My apologies for the week off I suppose starting a blog and then going on spring break isn't exactly the way start out but spring break breaks for no blog. I had planned to blog whilst away but couldn't find the sobriety to do it. Right before we went on our trip I had a little DIY project so I figured I'd share the results.

what you need: Studs, tools, shoes.

 Shove through:
 Clamp down:

and bam finished product:



In a post dedicated to all the wonderful women in my life, My irreplaceable Mother Diane, Sisters Katie and Lily, courageous Grandmother Marilyn, and my two amazing aunts Victoria and Karyn happy International Women's Day. 

Maybe its the Anthropologist in me but what an amazing holiday right? International Women's Day is celebrated countless countries around the world and initially sprung from the 1908 garment worker's strike in New York. Today, it is important to look back on past struggles, triumphs, and to gaze positively at the potential of future generations of women.

I did a tumblr search and found some amazing graphics celebrating International Women's Day, so here are a few of my favorites.  
Celebrate the women in you life today. 


On my way (on my way) On my way

This time four years ago I found myself freakishly nostalgic for the song Send me on my way by Rusted Root. (Matilda anyone??) But in all seriousness it was one of the biggest transition times in my life, moving away from little ol' New Lenox and taking on college just a few thousand miles away in Arizona. Moving to a completely foreign part of the country (I had never even visited Tucson before I came for school) ant not knowing a single person excited me beyond belief and filled me with fear up to my eyeballs.

Now four years later, as my College graduation countdown ticks away I find myself listening to Send me on my way more and more often.  Even though I dont have a a job, plans, or any financial stability secured for post graduation i'm reminiscing those old fearful feelings, but constantly reminding myself to stay excited for my future.

The video is preeeeetty trippy. I love rusted root.


Kate Spade Sample Sale Strikes GOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLD (gold member voice)

Growing up I thought Kate Spade produced the TACKIEST PURSES KNOWN TO MAN KIND. (I regretfully type those words now) Those freak ass colorful stripes on awkwardly shaped bags, freaked me out and I hated them.  Seeing girls carry their mothers purses thinking they were the cats meow always made me giggle.  Thankfully i've either developed fabulous taste or the Kate Spade brand has expanded their designing horizons and come to please my personal taste.

Since i'm a poor college student the only Kate Spade I can afford is an iPhone case that has since sadly cracked to obliteration and is no longer usable. However, because Kate Spade is having a BANGING sample sale here are a few of my favorites I wish I could just, cha cha chaaaarge$$ to my credit.

But i'll look and not touch, or add to my virtual shopping cart for that matter.

so people go buy something in honor of me. Seriously do it.


Spring Breaking 2012

So, its official, we've finally picked a house for spring break.  Since its my senior year and last spring break we've assembled an entire crew of party goers.  With this pack of wild animals spring break will be one to remember. 

First, there is Em and J.  This is pretty accurate portrayal of them both.

And then theres pulino and alec... my fellow european travelers, certified gangsters, and homies for life.

And then theres Jeff and Nugget! We've traveled with them before, visiting Denver Jeff's home town. It was a blast, seriously amazing time and I know staying with them in SD will only make the trip that much better.

This is a freakishly accurate photo of my darling, wildly fearless homie TK. Always willing to 'slap the bag' TK will get you happier and drunker faster then you can actually say TK.

GB!!! Our newest addition to Spring Break crew, Gabby Mother-effing Brown as I like to call her,  is easily one of my favorite people on the planet and one of the BEST people i've ever met. hands down. 

Greg!! Omg Greg, my favorite east coster next to my man of course. Greg will also pass down the 'babe' title as his 21st birthday celebration will take place the 1ST weekend of SB :) 

Last but certainly not least, me and Elliot! 

Can't wait to spend 5 uninterrupted days in San Diego with these fools and even two more amazing nights in SIN CITY!! Viva las Vegas people. 

Until Next Time