Matt & Kim, & all the good things in the world...

By: Jesse Gaver

There are few artists I allow myself the joy and pleasure of listening to on repeat in fear of overplaying and ruining said artist forever. One artist I do listen to not just on the reg, but probably a little too on the 'reg', is Matt & Kim. They're music draws you in because its fast, and fun, and you can't help but nod and sing along. Not to mention their live show, I caught their New Years Eve set last year and was blown away, Kim's known to shake her booty on stage but she literally gives 'shaking' it a new meaning. (google videos, they won't disappoint)

In short: Matt plays the keyboard and sings, Kim pounds the shit out of her drums in the background and together a pure musical utopia is created. After nervously awaiting the debut of their 4th studio album the duo have released 2 videos. The first titled 'Let's Go' (shown below) was released in late June with a follow up called 'Now' in early September.

Now, enough with all the technical stuff. Matt & Kim are awesome for numerous reasons but I'm just going to name a few. A favorite tune of mine "Where You're Coming From" catalogues the hardships of stardom with mentions of the true story of recording Grand in the bedroom of Matt's childhood home  in Vermont. (How fucking proactively cool are they?) They opted to take their time so built a studio in said home to record and take their time. After 6 months kim went cray, and they relocated but still awesome nonetheless.

Their 4th album "Lightening" is scheduled for release October 2nd, and I'm already counting the days... Did I mention they're on tour? I'll be seeing them in chicago November 10th, and literally could not be more excited. Heres to you Matt & Kim.