The Past Two Months...

By: Jesse Gaver

MY BAD! I know i've been MIA from this lil thing called 'High Tide', I've opted to share some of my past two months in photos...

My NEW JOB!!!!!!! ***** :):):)
a bulls game with my Monarch Daily Interns
a night in the city for the Matt & Kim concert
chicago bears themed christmas lights 

 my new favorite isle at the grocery store
a precious christmas evening photo
1 of a dozen donuts compliments of my bro on a cold sunday morning
a reunion filled city visit including Al
the ridiculous/awesome limo we took to the Lotus concert downtown
Lotus, does not disappoint live. 
the official start of 2013 spent at the big gigantic + with awesome people
one of my many new tights in my collection

the little treat linnea and i enjoyed well into 2013