Surfs up Chicago

By: Jesse 

Hurricane Sandy means Chicagoans get to surf. I'm posted up in the library, monday afternoon when my friend calls excitedly asking if I'll accompany her to go 'surfing', yes, surfing (in the greater Chicago-land area no less). My immediate response? I'm down, i'm not surfing but i'll play photographer!

It was settled, before I knew it we were on our way up to the north side in search of 20 foot waves. The best part of this little adventure was getting to witness one of my best friends do something she loves so much. Something that has helped her become who she is today at the young 'ol age of 22.

You would never guess it was 40 degrees, and end of october by this picture. 
 Walking out
Paddling out  

The sweet little boat house right on the beach we were at 

Sadly I didn't actually get any of her up and surfing, blame the old Russian man who was very interested in what was happening.....