By: Jesse Gaver

WTF is monarch daily? Besides that really annoying thing i've been forcefully plugging to all my friends and family..... WELL MONARCH DAILY is a really really exciting art outlet brought to you by infamous celebrity photographer Tyler Shields. (Perhaps you know him from E!'s reality star Francesca Eastwood)

Let me tell you whats good with MD, 1st i'm co-running social media, pinterest, facebook, twitter, etc. with my fellow intern homies Rachel & Alix. BUT back to MD: Its an art destination, dedicated to discovering, celebrating, and encouraging creativity in all of it's forms- brought to you by Tyler Shields.

Anyway, It's a serious deal and we're about to launch within the next week. (THATS WHAT WE'RE AIMING AT) MD is here to showcase artists who are well known, established, household names, as well as aspiring, poor ass, up and coming artists. Our goal is to bring you the coolest, best, most interesting photographers as of now. IF you're a photographer, artist, sculpture, painter, designer, videographer, go ahead and submit your work at www.monarchdaily.com

until next time. (ps like all the graphics I made)