Peace & Yoga: Day 1

by: Jesse

In an attempt to become less anxious and more 'peaceful' during this psychotic transition point in my life I started a 30-day yoga challenge. I can't quite remember where, but I read an article a few months back about a journalist who embarked on this challenge promising to do at least 1 hour of yoga a day, and the concept stuck with me.

Instead of 1- 60 minute session I've decided to do a Tara Stiles yoga video 1st thing when I awake and last thing before I go to sleep. Her videos have helped tons of people find their inner 'Yogi'.  I've always used her videos for at home yoga but this time i'm making it a priority to commit to two mini yoga sessions a day.  Today was my first day and I started out with this video:

I also just ended my day with this video: 

I initially started with Pilates but then eventually found myself doing yoga to help with flexibility and anxiety, plus its a great mini workout. Has anyone else ever practiced yoga to help with nerves, etc? What are some other things you've done to help with anxiety I'd love to know.