On my way (on my way) On my way

This time four years ago I found myself freakishly nostalgic for the song Send me on my way by Rusted Root. (Matilda anyone??) But in all seriousness it was one of the biggest transition times in my life, moving away from little ol' New Lenox and taking on college just a few thousand miles away in Arizona. Moving to a completely foreign part of the country (I had never even visited Tucson before I came for school) ant not knowing a single person excited me beyond belief and filled me with fear up to my eyeballs.

Now four years later, as my College graduation countdown ticks away I find myself listening to Send me on my way more and more often.  Even though I dont have a a job, plans, or any financial stability secured for post graduation i'm reminiscing those old fearful feelings, but constantly reminding myself to stay excited for my future.

The video is preeeeetty trippy. I love rusted root.