Spring Break Wrap Up

We started our drive to Mission Beach around 7am.....

Got into the house around 4, heres the best group shot of everyone including shannon and adkins.

The views on either side of the house were amazing. 

Our three story, double balcony, Yarmouth dr. party Castle

Since I've never stepped foot in the Pacific Ocean TK and Gabby accompanied me, a fitting combo since they both spend time in mission every summer with their families. 

my apparent overt excitement to see the ocean displayed prominently by my facial expression here:

 We spent a gloomy overcast day at the San Diego Zoo
(my camera battery conveniently died but Elliot did manage a group shot and a few monkey pics)


This is a little game we like to call 'Getting Iced' 

Then Skoog took us on a little drive to the best pancake house ever, and drove us through beautiful Encinitas where we stopped off at a famous surf spot called Swamis. 

Skoog then he taught me to 'pop' the sea weed.  It was freakishly fun, and rather entertaining.

 The way I see it: 

Did I mention how fun it was to have skoog along for the whole week? We all were in heaven!

Then it was back to the house for more day drinking and group photos, this one is awesome of TK thus I had to share. 

The Boys: Greg, Elliot, Drew, Jon, Skoog, TK, Alec and Jeff!

                                                   The Girls: Emily, Me, Nugget, & Gabby

and basically a sum of what was a whole week of awesomeness in the picture below: