Kate Spade Sample Sale Strikes GOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLD (gold member voice)

Growing up I thought Kate Spade produced the TACKIEST PURSES KNOWN TO MAN KIND. (I regretfully type those words now) Those freak ass colorful stripes on awkwardly shaped bags, freaked me out and I hated them.  Seeing girls carry their mothers purses thinking they were the cats meow always made me giggle.  Thankfully i've either developed fabulous taste or the Kate Spade brand has expanded their designing horizons and come to please my personal taste.

Since i'm a poor college student the only Kate Spade I can afford is an iPhone case that has since sadly cracked to obliteration and is no longer usable. However, because Kate Spade is having a BANGING sample sale here are a few of my favorites I wish I could just, cha cha chaaaarge$$ to my credit.

But i'll look and not touch, or add to my virtual shopping cart for that matter.

so people go buy something in honor of me. Seriously do it.